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Hi! I'm Payal and I'm a photographer, fashion, and lifestyle blogger with an obsession of all things beautiful. Whether its something I wear, or something I capture, I strive to be inspired by the things around me.

When I'm not nerd-ing out of photography/styling things, I'm constantly on the hunt for the next addition to my wardrobe and the perfect instagram post. I have an absolute shoe addiction, and my everyday fashion changes day to day.


With this blog and website I want to share my experiences, the things I photograph, behind the scene, how I style my clothes, and more, with everyone.  As a restless soul I'm always looking for new things to learn and try out for myself. I was never able to stick to a niche, or particular look, hence the name of this of this blog--A Payal Of. I hope you find some inspiration in life or some good tips and tricks as you explore different piles of my life right here. 

Take a look at what I see behind a lens. I try to challenge myself by taking photos of a bunch of different things (remember when I said I couldn't stick to a niche). I don't want to limit myself in what I do. 

I believe that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look like a million bucks! I'm all about being frugal and looking your best. Take a look at my blog post, style inspo, or some of my shopping tricks and tips! Enjoy! 

I also went to school to be an Art Director. A Creative Circus alum, take a look at what the hardest 2 years of my life helped me create. Also hit me up if you need flyers, logos, content, graphic design, etc. 

Dollar Tree
Little Debbie
Reddi Wip
Manic Panic
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