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Hi! I'm Payal and I'm a photographer, fashion, and lifestyle blogger with an obsession of all things beautiful. Whether its something I wear, or something I capture, I strive to be inspired by the things around me.

When I'm not nerd-ing out of photography/styling things, I'm constantly on the hunt for the next addition to my wardrobe and the perfect instagram post. I have an absolute shoe addiction, and my everyday fashion changes day to day.


With this blog and website I want to share my experiences, the things I photograph, behind the scene, how I style my clothes, and more, with everyone.  As a restless soul I'm always looking for new things to learn and try out for myself. I was never able to stick to a niche, or particular look, hence the name of this of this blog--A Payal Of. I hope you find some inspiration in life or some good tips and tricks as you explore different piles of my life right here. 


Birthday: 10/15 


Libra Life

Gemini Rising 

Gemini Moon 

Location: South GA Based

Soon to be in Chattanooga

I'm Jersey born, but Southern raised. 

University of Georgia Alum

Creative Circus Alum

Pizza is the love of my life. Popcorn & Chips and Dips come in second place. 

I'll watch a mystery show any day along with Bob's Burger.

Shoes are what I shop for the most. 


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