p ah - y uh l 

My love for denim has not changed. 

I've loved fashion since I was a child. I used to wrap my self in my grandma's  old sarees and scrap fabrics. From 5 to 25 that love hasn't changed. Growing up I spent hours drawing my own dress designs, dressing up, and taking photos. Easy to say not much has changed: still love dressing up and being in front of the camera. 

Age: 25

Birthday: 10/15 

Libra life 

Location: Atlanta

I'm Jersey born, but Southern raised. 

University of Georgia Alum

Creative Circus Alum



Fashion Merchandising 

Art Direction

My style: 


I definitely think its a mix of

trendy and classic. 

I tend to stick to more neutral colors,

blacks, grays, and deeper colors. 

Occasionally I go from bright colors.

I like to experiment with

styles and trends. 

I love shoes.

I think shoes make the whole outfit. 

My favorite season is Fall.

I feel like I'm the most fashionable in Fall. 

Fave Social Media: 




Fave Blogs & Inspiration:

Wendy's Lookbook

The Baller on a Budget 

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