25 ✨

So, this past weekend I turned 25! While I think I'm still young and growing, the people around me have a different idea. Coming from an Indian family, it's a societal norm for girls to be seriously dating at this age and planning on getting married in the next two years. From the day I graduated the Creative Circus, people have been telling me what kind of husband I need to look for.

We have this practice of creating biodatas (which are basically dating résumés) and sending them out in the vast network of aunties and uncles to help you potentially find your future mate. In this so called résumé, you include photos of what you look like for the other party to see (and judge on how pretty you are, how educated, how tall, how fair, how much of a good traditional or cultured girl you are).

Where am I going with this? On the day of my birthday at least five people told me something along these lines, "Soon it'll be your wedding we are going to be celebrating." As annoying as it is hearing about people wanting you to get married or constantly asking you if you are dating, 25 is still young and there is plenty of time to get married. Indian culture is all about wanting the girl to get married instead of teaching her that she's perfectly fine and can be happy just on her own, that she can take care of herself. And there is no rush to find a man just to get married for married sake. This is something that women have been fighting against for awhile and it has gotten better, but we still have a long way to go. All the good ones won't be gone and it'll happen one day for those who want to and for those who don't want to, that's okay as well.

That's why this week for my birthday, I decided to do what makes me happy. To commemorate the big 2-5 I did a photoshoot for myself. A new dress, some new lipstick, and some killer shoes. #25

Let's not forget to take care of ourselves. Do what you love and makes you happy. Ignore the societal norms and the chatter of other people. People will always talk and have their opinions about your life and your actions. JUST DO YOU. Your opinion of you is what matters and you know where you are in life and what you should be doing. Today go out and do something just for you. Read that book, watch that tv show, eat that dessert, drink that second glass of wine (or third), choose happy.

Take a look at my birthday shoot and maybe even plan one of your own!

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