Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid (noun) brides·​maid| 'brīdz-ˌmād

A girl's best friend, sister, someone who is like a sister, someone who the brides wedding wouldn't be complete without.

The best part of being a bride is having your friends celebrate your big life milestone with you. Often times they've been there for a lot of your life moments, and they are your biggest cheerleaders.

When picking my bridesmaids it was a relatively easy job. A few close cousins, some college friends, and some sorority sisters. They had been with me for years and have seen me at my worst and at my best.

As I was planning on how to do my bridesmaid proposals I wanted it to be very personal and a reflection of my relationship with each of them. If you know me, you know I LOVE photography. Photography captures moments. So I wanted to definitely include my love of photography and the nostalgia of moments with each of my bridesmaids.

I started my research as any bride does on PINTEREST. There were a ton a things of these that I really liked. I went through and saved everything and then I picked a few favorite items and really did some research on it to see how easy it would be to actually make and how much it would cost.

I decided to make them a cute frame with polaroid style photo prints of us with a handwritten letter. I also wanted to include in the gift bag, some bubbly, some chocolate, and a cute little classic bridal jewelry. I chose these adorable rose gold bracelets with a knot on them with a bride tribe scrunchy.

The frames are what I worked on first. I got them from Michaels. You can by a multipack. These frames are 8x8. I chose a dark gray color because I had planned to make the background of the frame in a marble paper. I used sticky marble paper to back the frames. I think I got mine on Amazon. Walmart or your art supply store probably has some.

I also got scrabble letters from Amazon and a protip write down all your bridesmaids name and see how many of each letter you need. Then make sure to read the description of the scrabble letters to make sure you have enough. I had to order two packs.

After I had all the letters my next step was to look through my stash of polaroids to see which I can use for each bridesmaids. I did have to print a few more. I have a KiiPix instant polaroid printer and it does a great job for printing photos. All you need for the Kiipix is Fujifilm Instax film.

After printing them out I found adorable little clips that I used to clip on the photo. After I had everything ready I brought out the hot glue gun and went to work. Protip 2: since these are shadow boxes you can easily keep things together by putting them into the frame itself.

For the bags I found them at the Dollar Tree they are super cute and girly. These were actual bags for weddings and bridal showers but I just found some that didn't have anything written on them. Most of my friends got small bottles of sparkling wine, for the friends who don't drink I put bottles of Coke in there. I got some Dove chocolates to add in as well. I've been taught if you're giving a gift give the good stuff.

The bridesmaids card I found online and they were a free printables with a lot if different designs and sayings. If you are creative you can make them yourselves. I just printed them on some cute colored cardstock. I'll try to find the link to them and add it down below. Or if you want the files let me know and I can send it to you!

All of my bridesmaids were really happy with their gifts and of course said YES! to being my bridesmaid!!

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