DIY Costumes

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It always has been. I've gone through a handful of costumes from the classic witch to the book characters (Sara from A Little Princess, and more). In college the costumes got a little more creative and a little shorter, but I mean everyone has to have a "sexy costume phase" right? Show off what you got if that's what you want.

The other day I was browsing around Pinterest and stumbled upon some fun ideas of Halloween costumes. This year for Halloween my plans involve giving candy out or taking some little girls in town to go trick-or-treating. So, nothing that requires a complex costume. I decided to go into my closet and see how many costumes I could come up with from things I already own. I bought maybe two things and borrowed a few from friends.

1. Snow White: Yellow dress, blue shirt, two red belts and black flats. I took my red belt from my robe and used it as a headband. I folded and tied the blue shirt back and added the second red belt. It was so simple. All I'm missing is an apple, an evil step mother and some seven dwarves.

2. Little Red Riding Hood: All I had to buy for this outfit was a cap and Walmart had a pretty inexpensive one (only $10). You can do pretty much any outfit that's black/white/red under the cape. I wore a black skater skirt, loose white blouse and some lace-up booties. I tried to find a basket but had no luck.

3. Wednesday Addams: So, this is probably the easiest costume of them all. A long sleeve black dress, white color button up and some black boots with her signature pigtails to finish up the look. Add some black lipstick if you have some.

4. Flapper: Flappers, according to wikipedia, "were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior." Think 1920s-Great Gatsby flare. I had a sparkly black dress (any dress that has some movement to it should work just fine) and some cheap accessories: hair band, feather, gloves, a fan, string of pearls and a cheap feather boa from the Dollar Tree.

5. Cruella de Vil: This is a costume I've wanted to do for a long time. I had a red dress that I was gonna wear but I left it in Atlanta. So, instead I used a black dress underneath. The main part of this outfit is the white fur coat with the red lining she wears and her black and white hair. I used a white fleece robe to imitate her coat, and for the inside red lining part, I wore my red Victoria's Secret robe underneath my white robe. (How many robes does one person need? Apparently at least four in my case). She also wears red gloves but I made do with my black ones. She has a long cigarette in her hand, while you can easily find these in costume shops, or stores, I used a long dark makeup brush (get creative with the props). If you want, you can copy her green eyeshadow and over arched eyebrows look. I just stuck to the makeup I was wearing, since I had a lot of costumes to shoot.

6. Minnie Mouse: I mean come on now, everyone knows who Minnie is. Now if I only had someone willing to be the Mickey to my Minnie. ;) It's a cute couple costume; but remember Minnie is also an independent lady mouse. Anyways, I took some white felt cut out circles and taped them onto my red skirt and paired it with a black crop top. Then, I cut out some mouse ears from construction paper and hot glued it onto a headband. Part of me wishes I had a red bow and painted part of my nose black! Still, I think it came out cute regardless.

7. Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's: Black dress, pearls, heels, sunglasses and a crown. What more do you need? Easy hair in a bun and some simple makeup. I didn't change my lip color or makeup while I shot all the costumes. But google it, if you need more references.

8. Fortune Teller: This look is more of a makeup based costume. I wore some harem loose pants (you can do a maxi skirt, too), tied a scarf around my head and added some jewelry.

That's it! I hope these eight simple costumes help inspire y'all to have some fun this holiday. Let me know if you try any of these looks. And if you do, please take lots of pics and send them my way! I'm curious to find out how many variations we can create of all these characters.

Happy Halloween! :)