Favorite Shoes for Summer!

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About 1/3 of my shoe collection

It’s summer. My least favorite time of the year. BUT GUESS WHAT?! It is almost Fall!!!! In my opinion, it’s too hot to go anywhere or wear anything but shorts and dresses; and your makeup is always melting. The one thing I do enjoy about summer is wearing flip flops. Granted, I live in the south and I can wear flip flops all year round...well for the most part. Winters can get a bit nasty; but if I’m just walking to get the mail, you bet I’m throwing on my flip flops. While I own an obnoxious amount of boots (what can I say I have a slight shoe problem), I tend to wear either more colorful shoes or shoes that are a bit more airy and can show off my pedicure. So here are my top ___ summer shoes. #summer #summershoes #summerblogpost #favesummershoes

1. Steven Madden Karolyn in Black

These are my newest edition to my collection. I am partial to Steve Madden shoes because I love the style. I looked at these shoes for about 2-3 months before I actually bought them. Why did I wait so long? IDK. But ever since I got these, I am absolutely obsessed. They go so effortlessly with jeans, dresses, rompers, skirts, pretty much everything. They are also so comfy. They have a slight bit of cushioning to them so you can wear these for hours without feeling any pain. I got these from DSW for about $30 with a coupon. But, even if I hadn’t, they would still be worth every penny.

Click the photo if you wanna shop these shoes.

Steve Madden Karolyn

2. Steve Madden Dainna Rust Suede Heels

Another Steve Madden pair. If you’ve been reading my blogs or know me in IRL you know black is my color. I tend to get shoes in very neutral colors because they go with everything. Every now and then, I stray from what I know and I get something colorful. These caught my eye one day while I was out shopping and I fell in love. These are the Steve Madden Dainna Rust Suede heels. They are a short chunky heel and the color is so nice for summer and even fall. It’s dressy enough while still being casual.

Steve Madden Dainna Rust Suede Heels

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3. White Double Strap Flats

White isn’t a color I wear often, especially in shoes. These slip on shoes with studs on the side have always given me a bit of a cool grandma/hipster style vibe, but I LOVE them. They are so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable to walk around in. These are well loved and worn out. Unfortunately, I don’t know if these are still available anywhere, but I have linked a similar pair down below.



4. Old Navy Brown Sandals

I live in Old Navy cheap flip flops around the yard or if I’m going to the beach. But, everyone knows those are a good pair of affordable flip flops. These Old Navy Brown Block Heel Sandal are cute and make me feel more like an adult without trying too hard. They are a step up from regular flat sandals, but not quite a full heel. I got these many years ago when I was in New York. I still love them today. I hardly wear brown shoes, but these are nice when I can’t really wear black and I do own a few things that black shoes don’t really work with. Again, these are kinda older, so I’m gonna link some similar shoes down below.

Link: https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/2352697?cm_mmc=feeds-_-adlucent-_-google-_-pla&utm_source=adlucent&utm_medium=feeds&utm_content=google&utm_campaign=pla&utm_channel=shopping_acq_p&sid=545650&aid=%5BADL%5D%20%5BPLA%5D%20%5BShopping%5D%20-%20Categories%20-%20Non-Brand%5BDesktop%5D&gclid=CjwKCAjw4uXaBRAcEiwAuAUz8JnE9POy7aLBIt03tWVmZ3aaHwPSMg0cjYmFeA4WhXQ9QZdkHz8QchoChWUQAvD_BwE&kwid=productads-adid%5E93310059517-device%5Ec-plaid%5E186681311557-sku%5E13944233-adType%5EPLA&color=BLK%20SUDETT

5. Jessica Simpson Bow Flip Flops

Bows may not be everyone’s cup of tea; and they aren’t always mine either. However, with that being said, these Jessica Simpson flip flops are so cute! They’re from a few fashion seasons ago. Clearly, that’s not a dealbreaker for me. As a southerner, flip flops are a must. I have probably five pairs. One in the car, one in the garage, one for the beach, one to go out and walk the dog, and a nice pair to wear out. These are my nice pair. They make it seem like you put a little more effort into your outfit; and they look better than the Old Navy flip flops that everyone owns. If you like these and want a pair, you might be in luck and find them on Poshmark! If you haven't heard of Poshmark, you should totally check it out. It’s a great way to sell and buy gently used and sometimes even new items.

Link: https://poshmark.com/listing/Jess-Simpson-bow-flip-flops-5ac7cbe88af1c5ad60a6f750

6. Women's Didi Block Heel Mules

Women's Didi Block Heel Mules are so fashionable and comfortable. Target always has trendy shoes; and this brand, A New Day, has the best in my opinion. Mules are super trendy and if you follow me on social media you would’ve seen me wear these over and over again. They are $29.99; but they are a bit hard to find! So check your stores. Again, I like shoes that are effortless; and chunky heels are so comfy and trendy. As someone who is on the shorter side, if I’m going out to dinner or hanging with friends, I like to wear a bit of a heel.

Didi Block Heel Mules

These have been my favorite summer shoes so far! Let me know what your favorite summer shoes are or if you wanna a full shoe collection. I wholly believe that the right shoes can elevate any outfit.

And now we all patiently sit an dwiat for the weather to get cooler so I can finally wear all my boots! Also will make a blog post on them as well! Stay tuned till at least November because it doesn't get cold in Georgia till then. Cheers to Summer being over and PSL season starting.

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