Galentine's 2018

February means Valentine's Day is upon us! While some people say it's a made-up hallmark holiday, I on the other hand, can't get enough of it. I love love. And I love celebrating love! People are too afraid to show real emotion and feelings these days. Worried about being "too" sensitive and instead they stick to humor, sarcasm, etc. But something about Valentine's Day brings out all that love in people. I live for this love. I believe Valentine's Day is more than just romantic love. It's about love in general— the love for your parents, your best girl friends, your best guy friends, your siblings, your neighbors, nieces, nephews, aunts, cousins, etc. Remember back in elementary school when everyone used to give everyone Valentine's Day cards? Wasn't that the best feeling ever? So why not love all those people around you on Valentine's Day? Send a text to your bff; give your sibling a hug; make people feel loved because this life is too short. I texted my mom, made my brother some chocolate covered strawberries and spent the morning just hanging out with my bff. It's the little things that truly matter in the end. #galentines #valentines

So while I did have other plans on Valentine's Day, I decided I wanted to do something nice for my friends. Everyone's busy and it's hard to meet up with everyone individually, so why not throw a Galentine's party? Galentine's has become extremely popular from the show Parks and Rec. And I LOVE it. (How many times can I say love in this blog post? lol) So I threw a small Galentine's party for a few closest friends. I made it potluck style, so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with cooking and baking. I did all the decorations, some from the dollar store, some I had laying around. Something about me, I LOVE to decorate and throw small gatherings. To me it's a creative challenge to see what I can do and if I can do it in a unique way that's in budget and will wow my guests. The Dollar Tree is my best friend when it comes to parties. Lucky for me, I hosted my Galentine's after Valentine's Day and scored some sweet 50% off deals on décor at Walmart and Target.

I usually go to pinterest for my ideas (call me basic, but they do have some great ideas). I found this great heart hanging wall and this adorable balloon heart sculpture. I think I made a nice version of the originals for my party.

Ballon Heart

I had to do this one twice. The first time the balloons did not stick to the wall. So I had to take kraft paper to make the shape of a heart and use A LOT of tape. The original says to use a low heat glue gun which I did not have, and was not willing to go buy. So with a mix of packing tape and painter's tape I somehow made this work. While it isn't as pretty as the original design, I think I did well! I only had colorful balloons so why not add a little color to my mostly pink and red party?! Both balloons and flowers are from the Dollar Tree. A few dollars can go far.

Heart Balloon:

Hanging Hearts

Now for the hanging heart wall, I had most of the items at home already being an art director and recent student. I took shades of pink and red card stock paper and cut out all the hearts (lucky for me I had a template already, so it was a lot of tracing and cutting. I also had a friend help me). Then I took painter's tape and stuck clear fishing line onto my ceiling and used clear scotch tape to kind of strategically place the hearts onto the fishing line. I think this is my favorite photo backdrop I have ever done. It looks so cute. I still haven't taken it down and I don't plan to for a few more days.

Heart Wall:

Here are my decorations and snaps of my party.


The punch, which was a favorite among all my friends, was a really simple recipe of 1 carton Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 1 bottle of pink moscato and some fresh strawberries. I think everyone should try this as a nice light spring/summer cocktail!

Now on to the fashion:

The best part was the outfit! I took an old dress I wore to a formal once, layered it in my sheer rose black top. I felt rocker, but sweet at the same time.

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