Gatsby It Up

This weeks post is a mix of fashion and photography, my two favorite things! This weeks assignment for my styling class was a Goodwill Glam challenge. We (my partner and I) went out to the Goodwill, one of my favorite places to go (they truly have some great hidden gems there) and we had to find an item of clothing to concept an idea for a photoshoot around. We went through tons of cute dresses, and concepts; fairy, glam, and etc. We found this black dress with a pleated skirt, that instantly reminded us of a 1920's flapper. To take this concept further we wanted to go with an edgy look for our shoot. The back of the dress is gorgeous with a deep V. At the goodwill we also grabbed a necklace, and some tights. I also found a really unique pair of royal blue booties which will be in next weeks blog post hopefully. Our colors were going to be simple, gold and black with a silver/grey backdrop for the shoot. One of my best friends from childhood was nice of enough to be our model.

The day of the shoot is always a long one. No matter how much you prepare it takes a lot of time. So a quick summary of the day. I was up at 8AM, my model came over at 11, I had to paint her nails and pack everything (makeup, clothes, hair products, etc. to take to the studio). Its always good to over pack rather than end up forgetting something. My partner and I were lucky enough to find some props at school such as a lace hand fan, a boa, and we had a black stool, a feather, and gold headband from a Halloween costume I wore a few years ago. Hair and makeup started at 12:30 and didn't get done till about 3:30. Then we dressed her in the outfits and we started shooting. Everything was done by 5 and that includes the set break down. Then editing is a whole process I wont go into today. But let me tell you it takes a minute getting all the fly away hairs, and adjusting a little of everything.