Halloween Costumes

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Its the most wonderful time of the year…HALLOWEEN! As we know, I am obsessed with halloween and fall. Its so much fun to watch classic halloween movies, and come up with creative and fun costumes and don’t forget all the candy! Too old trick or treat, so the next best thing is to go out and just buy a bag of candy under the pretenses of ‘giving’ it out to kids. Most people have Halloween parties to go to, this year I wanted to throw a Halloween/Apartment warming party, but things didn’t go as planned, life and all that. That didn’t stop me from creating a few Halloween looks just for the blog!!!

This year I wanted to focus more on makeup based looks. I have three pretty simple looks that you’ve probably seen all over the internet but weren’t sure you could actually do. Well if I can do it, you can do it. I have moderately average makeup skills and I feel like these turned out fairly well.

1. Scarecrow: all you need are some overalls, a flannel, and a straw hat for the costume part. As for the makeup I used a mixture of lipliners, eyeshadows, and eyeliner to draw on my face. I had some straw that I added to my braids, and part of my face with eyelash glue. I wanted a more spooky look vs the cute scare crow. I did my eyes first, then my foundation, and then I went on adding the details on my face. I took a few progression pictures but not many. I just kinda went with what I thought looked okay, and if I messed up then out came the q-tips and makeup remover.

Final Scarecrow Look

2. Clawed Little Red Riding Hood: I still had my little red riding hood cape from last years costumes that I did, and I thought why not come up with a different look this year. They have so many tutorials on Youtube on how to do this look I watched one as references, and used mostly pictures from pinterest as reference. Most people use special effects makeup and make actually skin like fake scars and use special effects makeup, but I used what was at my makeup desk. One side of my face I did very pretty, while the other side I did claw marks. I drew them on with red lip liner, and made if look wet like blood by using a red lip gloss over it. I shaded it with some concealer and added depth with eye shadow.

Red Riding Hood

3. Mermaid: This one was a bit complicated because I was ambitious and I felt like making my costume. So lets break it down, the fabric is iridescent and I got it from Walmart. I placed the fabric on a old bra and added the shell which I got in a pack from the Dollar Tree (glue guns are wonderful inventions). The coral like detailing on the top and crown are broken bits of snowflake ornaments also from the dollar tree. I used the rest of the shells to make a crown using a headband as the base. For my skirt I took the left over fabric and placed it over a knit pencil skirt. I wanted a fitted look so this was the easiest way. The makeup is a tried and true trick the scales are just made of eyeshadow with some fishnet stockings. I wanted to stay within in the iridescent look, so I went for a nice purple eye, glowy skin, and a natural pink lip.

These were my Halloween Costumes this year! They were a fun to do and helped me get more creative with my makeup skills. Hope everyone has a great halloween.


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