Where or where have I been? Clearly working a full time job, quitting that full time job, moving home, getting engaged, going to India, has all taken priority over this blog. But I'm back and the goal is to be a better human and focus on my passions.

This Holiday season was very different then most for me. The holidays went and came too fast and I swear I did not get enough peppermint flavor things or watch enough Hallmark movies! Being in the South, Christmas is usually pretty decent weather. While I love to put on sweaters and scarves and boots, this Christmas was another warm one. I didn't really do much this year for Christmas, we didn't even get a holiday family photo.

I did get a lovely new camera as an early present and wanted to take it out for a spin. If you know me, you know I love taking photos of others and having mine taken. So my cousin and I hit the town (our really teeny tiny town) to take some holiday photos.

While I love the color red, for Christmas this year I wanted to try a different color for the holidays...GREEN! Still a very holiday color, but not something I wear too often. I paired my gorgeous deep green velvet shirt with my Amazon gold midi skirt from last NYE and I had what I consider my most perfect holiday-yet not red- but still glam-classy-cute outfit.

I did feel like I matched the tree a tiny little bit and I could have just blended in to it and no one would have ever found me, but I still loved this look. I love to pair the things I already have in my closet in new ways versus buying new outfits for everything.

P.S. This was my last Christmas as a Miss! Post about all things wedding will be coming soon!

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