HOUSTON We Have Arrived!

We already know I like to travel. Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel often. But, when the opportunity to go somewhere with some friends comes along—it’s always a yes. This time last year I was in Nashville with one of my best friends. This time around, it was Houston, Texas! I have a friend who lives there and we were looking for a place to go that was cost efficient, yet fun. It was the perfect place for a chill girls trip. In this post, I’m just going to run down the best places to go in Houston in case you ever find yourself wondering what to do there! It was a weekend full of photos and food!

Quote Photo by Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma from Pexels

DAY 1 Friday

We chose Southwest, because they had the best rates and you get 2 free checked bags! (I promise this isn’t #sponsored by Southwest, but a girl can dream,) Our flight from ATL was for 10:45 and we were estimated to land in Houston at 12:00 something-ish. I don’t really remember because of course that weekend was one of those dreary, rainy, cold, stormy weekends in Atlanta. So our flight was very delayed. We didn’t start boarding till 11:30 and we arrived in Houston at 1:15ish. And it was COLD. We had all planned these cute outfits for Houston, but we had not anticipated the cold weather. I wore maybe half of the original outfits I had planned and lived in my teddy bear jacket.

We missed our reservation at our brunch place, Snooze. But we did get to go there later on in the weekend. After we got our Lyft and barely fit ourselves and all our luggage into his car, the first stop was the Airbnb. Half the girls were staying there and the rest of us were staying with our friend. The first thing we wanted to do was FOOD. The Chick-fil-a from the airport at 10 AM can only last for so long. We treaded through the cold and wet streets of Houston to get some food at Common Bond Cafe. It’s the cutest little place with the most AMAZING looking breads, pastries and desserts.

After some soul warming tomato soup and grilled cheese—we changed our outfits, grabbed our cameras and headed out to soak in some culture before we started the night of drinking. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts was such a fun place! We took some really cool photos in there. (See below for artsy photos).

After the museum, we headed to the brewery, because of course we were going to go drink. 8th Wonder Brewery is where the I LOVE HOUSTON sign is. We wanted to take pictures there, but it was far too cold and too muddy for us to walk outside to take photos. 8th wonder is such a fun place. It has cool artwork, spacious seating and FOOD TRUCKS outside along with some games. I’m not the biggest fan of beer, but when in a brewery you drink beer.

For dinner, we met up with our friend at Velvet Taco. Their paneer taco is to die for. So good and I definitely recommend it. This is the point where our senses left us and we started to drink margaritas on top of all the beer we had. After dinner, we continued to go out and drink some more at a bar that I can’t remember the name of—if that says anything. We made it home around 3 AM with drunk food in hand. Is there anything better than pizza at 3 AM after a night out drinking? I don’t think so.

Day 2: SaturdayAnother day, another brunch place. This morning’s brunch place was called OSSO & KRISTALLA. The waffles were beautiful to look at as they were to eat!

While we started the day trying to recover from the night before, after food we were better. We started walking the streets of downtown Houston. This day, unlike the other, sort of started on the wrong foot. It was again a freezing, rainy, dreary day. We walked through Discovery Park, it was kinda meh. Then, we went on a trek to find the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall for photos. These are the what we were searching for.

After getting lost, a short trip into a Forever 21 to get warm again and walking around in circles for a bit—we realized the wall was being repainted. It was a bright yellow wall and nothing like the photos we saw on instagram. After a trek that was a bit far in this cold weather, we were going to take some photos yellow wall or colorful wall. It was going to happen. So we did. We also made use of some confetti we found. This was our first strike of the day.

Next, we grabbed some Starbucks for a warm pick-me-up and headed towards a rooftop bar, which happened to be closed. Strike 2. Then, we went to a tattoo shop. My little (my sorority sis) and I wanted to get some tattoos while we were together and it turned out that they didn’t do finger tattoos. Strike 3. This day was just not going at all how we planned. But, we decided to keep trucking along and went to find another instagram/photo op mural. We took some photos at the Biscuit Paint Wall, a colorful wall mural of dripping colors. It looks much better in photos than in person, to be honest. It was still a fun photo place!

Our day was looking up. Dinner that night was at Aga’s—an amazing Indian restaurant, which everyone agreed was the best part of the day. All I need is some naan and paneer tikka masala and I’m a happy girl.

That night was another night of going out. We were all weary of drinking again. The night before still felt too fresh. But, we picked an absolutely adorable bar to go watch the UGA game at. (Also, GO DAWGS!) The bar was called Present Company and it was the kind of bar that I would want to own if I ever own a bar. Instagramable, cute, cozy yet large, colorful, eccentric, all describe this bar perfectly. They also had some great drinks. (insert photos) This was the best bar of the night. We visited a few more before we all realized we were exhausted and could not last staying out another night in a row. We went home and proceeded to watch a cheesy Christmas movie with fun commentary provided by yours truly. I mean they are so cheesy and bad. I love them.

Day 3: SundayAnother day and we finally made it to the brunch place we wanted to go to our first day, Snooze. The hype is real. It was delicious. I probably gained a few extra pounds just from this trip. It was another gloomy day. So we decided to hit a few more museums. Unfortunately, we were too old to get into the children’s museum without an actual child. Though we did think about passing one of our friends as a child. So we went off to our next museum, the Health Museum. It was interactive and fun. They also had the body suit exhibit.

Sculptor Sarah Sitkin's "BODYSUITS" exhibit at the Health Museum in Houston takes an unflinching look at body image with wearable suits molded from actual bodies using silicone, plaster, and latex.

Click the link below to check out more about the Bodysuit exhibit.


It was really amazing and the detail work was impeccable. By the middle of the day, we were too cold to do anything outside and we were too stuffed to eat. So we headed to the one place that we knew was warm—the mall. First of all this mall was HUGE, 3 stories and wayyyy too long. I definitely got in all my steps if not more after the mall. For a bunch of girls that were super excited to shop, we barely bought anything. It was more of a window-shopping day. After shopping, we drove by the water wall in Houston and then headed off to Torchy’s for some of the best queso I have ever had. I’m still dreaming about it. After our queso and tacos, we headed back to pack. Our flight was at 5:45 AM and we were back in Atlanta by 8:45. My vacation was officially over and I was back to work at 10:05 AM.

If you ever go to Houston, some of these places should be on your to-do list. It’s a great place to go on a laid-back, fun vacation filled with a ton of good food.

Till next week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for a lot this year.

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