How to Wear: Teddy Bear Jacket

Its warm, its comfy, its fluffy. The teddy bear jacket! I have pretty much lived in mine all winter. It is soooo cozy and I can throw it on and be warm and cute without trying to hard. Win win for me. In this blog post I am going to show you guys a couple of different ways to wear this style jacket. There will also be a link to a Pinterest board where you can get some more outfit inspiration.

This 'teddy bear' jacket comes in a bunch of styles: coat, bomber jacket, regular, and oversized. I have the oversized version. Personally I love big jackets but even if you have a more fitted version of this jacket all the outfits I have styled should work just the same.

The jacket I have was about $20 on I will link the jacket I have along with a bunch of other styles at the bottom. You can pretty much find these jackets anywhere. I’ve seen them in TJMaxx, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, etc. These jackets come in a variety of colors. The most common color that you’ll see this jacket in is in a light brown caramel color. Overall it is super versatile and easy to wear jacket that you can wear over a bunch of things.

Now on to the styling and outfits!

The easiest way to wear this jacket it over some leggings and a t-shirt. I wore this outfit to the airport when I was flying out to Houston last year. It will definitely keep you warm in those cold airports and planes.

This jacket is also great over jeans. Since my basic wardrobe is full of neutrals I tend to pair this jacket with a lot of blacks and whites. I did throw on a colorful outfit or two in the mix.

Sometimes the simplest looks are the best. Black bodysuit and some high waisted jeans go perfect with this jacket.

If we want to get a bit dressier this jacket can work, but its more of a street style look versus a classic coat or cardigan. So it you’re going for something different this jacket can work great with a dressy outfit. Again I tend to pair this alot with black but any other color dress would work. Since it is more oversized I like to pair it with something a little more fitted. Leather skirt and a tee works well for a night out too.

So while I didn't give you a whole bunch of options the formula for wearing this jacket is simple you can just throw it on over your leggings or you dresses. Hope you guys found some of your own inspiration to wear this jacket while the weather is still cold! If you want some more ideas of how to style this jacket check out my pinterest board. It will blinked down below!

Overview of all the outfits I styled.

Pinterest Teddy Bear Jacket Outfit Inspo


Hint it may be easier to find these on sale soon. Most retailers have started to put out their spring wear and most winter coats and jackets will be going on sale soon!

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