I mean the title clearly says it all! I AM AN ENGAGED WOMAN!!! Officially engaged in the way most of my american peers and friends consider engagement.

Now a little back story, I knew I was going to marry DJ the moment we decided to introduce our family members to each other. We did an Indian equivalent to an engagement ceremony before he actually got down on one knee. Us American born Indians call it the Coconut Ceremony. We get families together, exchange gifts, sweets, a coconut, and get the blessings of our families. Our coconut ceremony happened in May. So Dj had its worked cut out for him when he was trying to surprise me. He did an amazing job though, with the help of my mom, aunt, family and friends. He really did surprise. Read what he had to say below.


How do you surprise a woman that is expecting to be proposed to? Very carefully. I recruited some of her most incredible, selfless friends to help me pull off a complete surprise proposal. If anyone knows me, they know I don’t like to plan things. Her friends were patient with me, and we all collectively brainstormed many, many ideas. Then, one of her friends mentioned Chateau Elan. I really liked the idea so we made it happen.

Without our friends help, I couldn't have successfully pulled off the surprise. I can't emphasize enough in words how much hard work was put into it by them. Additionally, her mom was incredible and a very important piece to making this proposal a success. Although her mom knew when, where, and how I was proposing, she did an excellent job keeping it a secret and getting Payal ready for the big day. On September 28, 2019, her friends brought her to Chateau Elan for a girl’s night out. (Poor Payal – the day prior to the proposal, she had fallen and scraped her hand, elbow, knee, and foot. So, when I proposed to her, she was all bandaged up!). When her friends led her towards where I was hidden, I wondered why I wasn’t nervous. When I saw her, I realized I was beyond excited to propose to and marry the love of my life. There was nothing to be nervous about. Well, that was until she dragged me to India for wedding shopping.

A Few Moments from My Coconut Ceremony

I cannot wait to start wedding planning and to begin this new chapter in my life with the most amazing man.

Fun Fact: I had fell and scraped my knee, hands, elbows and eveyrthing the day before he proposed. I had to wear a dress that covers my knee since I had a huge bandage on my knee. I was so sore and achy.

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