Indian Fashion Wedding Edition

So a lot of my time consists of going to weddings. It's been like this since I was little. Indian people have large families and large extended families. And when someone gets married almost everyone is invited. I recently went to a friend's wedding in Orlando and I thought why not make a blog post about the indian fashions for guests to wear during the three different events I went to: garba, wedding, & reception.

The first event was the Raas-Garba. This is a pre wedding thing that usually happens in the evening for Gujarati people. Everyone dances; it's energetic; and we wear the traditional outfits called cholis. A choli consists of a skirt, a top that is usually cropped, and a long scarf that is draped on. There are many different ways to drape it, but the traditional way is how I have it in my picture. Men usually wear a Kurta (a long top that goes down to the knees), pants, and a scarf as well. #indianweddingoutfits

For the actual wedding, you can wear a variety of things. People tend to stay away from wearing red, because that's usually what the bride wears. I wore a blue saree. A saree is a long piece of cloth that's wrapped around the body. Underneath you wear a short blouse and a petticoat (which is pretty much a skirt). The draping bits are complicated, but if you would like to see how they are put on, check out these YouTube videos. I still struggle with this. But by far the blue saree was my favorite outfit of the weekend. You can also wear cholis as some of my friends did, which is the skirt and the top again. But this time you don't drape the scarf. Lastly you can wear long gown style dresses, which hit the floor and have pants underneath and a scarf. Can you tell we like our scarves? ;) The group picture of my friends and I shows some different outfits that you can wear. Generally for the wedding you have to be kind of dressed up. Men usually wear a kurta and pants again. They don't have much variety. Or they can wear slacks and a button down if there isn't anything else.

The Bride and The Groom

The bride wears red and is heavily adorned with jewelry.

The groom usually has some sort of red in his outfit as well and wears a turban on his wedding day.

Check out different ways to drape sarees. A lot of these depend on region and where you are from or whatever is trending.

The reception is where you go all glitz and glam. You can again opt to wear a two piece choli or a fancy saree. (Most of the time younger people don't wear this). Or you can wear a full length gown, which a lot of people did at this particular wedding. Men usually put on a suit or slacks with a nice shirt and tie.

Here are some other pictures from a wedding I went to last year and the different outfits people wore.