Its a Winky World: Winky Lux Experience Store

New week, new blog post.

This week we take a look at “experience shops.” In this day and age of social media, it’s all about shareable content. As someone with a background in advertising, I can appreciate the work that goes into marketing to a younger demographic. Brands have to get creative in the way they advertise—from their social media campaigns to their influencers. While traditional mediums (tv ads, radio, etc.) are still happening, the fastest and cheapest way to get people talking about brands is to give them a shareable experience.

An experience shop is just that—a pop up shop (a small shop that’s only around for a limited time) that is exclusive and gives the customers a shareable experience. Over the years, these have become very popular. Barkbox (a doggy subscription box) set one of these up in New York where they invited pets and their owners to come test out toys and in return the company got to see which products were popular. There are usually benefits to attending one of these shops, such as a discount or the ability to purchase a unique item in high demand. This creates hype; and the exclusivity makes it a special experience.

If you want to look at some more pop-up shops, check out this article.

The pop-up shop I attended last weekend was by a makeup brand called Winky Lux. It is a NYC based brand that strives on using quality ingredients and being cruelty-free. Their products are sold online and in major retail stores, such as Ulta. It gained popularity with their flower balm. The vibe they sell is colorful, quirky and fun!

Hi 👋 We’re Winky Lux. We make makeup magic.🦄Here in NYC we’re striving to delight you with new trends, innovative packaging and ingredients. We’re saying “Boy Bye” to parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates and animal testing. Our cruelty free, high pigment colors are designed to give you all the feels while providing real results. You’re a QUEEN, you deserve all the pretty things. We’re here to make them for you.

This shop is located in Lenox Square Mall. There is a $10 ticket to get into the tour of the different rooms. The $10 ticket price goes towards a makeup purchase. They have nine different rooms for everyone to go in and experience. You have approximately 2-4 minutes in each room. It sounds short, but it’s enough time to take some really quick insta photos (which every brand loves, because it’s free advertising for them). Each room is inspired by one of their products. For example, they have a flower room, cloud room, black and white winky room, rainbow room, watermelon room, tiny room, mirror room and lastly a cashmere room, which is stuffed with pillows! It was so much fun to go through. We took photos in some of our favorite rooms. Mine definitely was the Matcha room and the tiny room! Each room has a small display of testers with the corresponding makeup .

After you go through all the rooms in their guided tour, you end up in the shop where you can make your purchases. Usually the tour guides are great for helping you take a group photo or two. The main shopping room has a large vanity set up kind of like what you see in Sephora’s and MAC stores where people can sit down and try on some of the makeup before purchasing. I ended up purchasing an Matacha Lip Balm that smells so amazing. They also have other merchandise, such as frames, bags, etc.

If you have some time, it’s a fun outing to do with your best friends, mom or sister. You especially won’t want to miss it if you’re a lover of makeup or looking for some cute instagrams. The one in ATL is here until March 3rd. Tickets can be bought online or in-store. They do have time slots; so take that into consideration.

Advertising, branding and marketing has changed so much; and I absolutely love the out-of-the-box creative ways companies are connecting with their audience. It is the era of shareable experiences. Let me know if you end up going!

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