Taking photos is a bit of a trick. Photographers, art directors and stylists manipulate the set and perspective to come up with an image. Recently there was a viral image that went around (see below) that started this trend of people posing for pictures in the floral aisle of Hobby Lobby and Michaels. This trend was credited to photographer, Kelsey Maggart. #michaelschallenge

While some people may know it as the "Hobby Lobby Challenge," I know it as The Michaels Challenge (both have flower aisles). I also live closer to a Michaels than a Hobby Lobby, so I somehow convinced my friend to go with me to Michaels and take some shots. Michaels is also very accommodating to this challenge. The employees probably don't like it as much; but it's all in good fun. I'm sure this was a great way of getting people in their stores; and if you're like me, you can't help but buy something while you're there. 45 minutes and $15 later, to be exact, I ended up buying stuff I didn't really need. We got some great shots though. I wish I had some behind-the-scenes to show; but take a look at the final product.