Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink is the new black. This muted pink is perfect for everyday, special occasions, accessories, to home decor. It is everywhere. With the popularity of Rose gold, rose quartz (one of Pantone's color of the year in 2016), the pink drink from Starbucks (which I have yet to try because well too lazy to wait in those long Starbucks lines, it'll happen one day), it's hard to pinpoint when millennial pink started, but it sure is 2017's color in fashion. #millennialpink

So what millennial pink is but it is a lot of this sort of dusty pink color/shades or hues of this color.

Why is this color so popular? It isn't bold in your face, pink. It seems much more sophisticated, muted. I have accumulated a lot of things this color and let me tell you pink isn't one of my favorite colors, and I don't tend to wear much color anyways.

Also short girls can wear midi skirts, though I prefer to wear mine with heels so I don't look too short.

Think Pink Ya'll