New Year, Same Me | Amazon Outfit Under $50

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Happy New Year, everyone! I’m happy 2018 is over and we can have a fresh start and create more memories, more art and more fashion.

This time around, my plans differed from the usual bars/clubs, short dresses and heels. For NYE, we planned a night in with good food, good friends, games and drinks. But being the person I am, I still needed to have a NYE outfit. Gotta end the year on a high note, right? So instead of searching the racks in malls, I wanted to challenge myself to find an outfit under $50 from Amazon. I never really buy clothes off of Amazon and was curious if I could pull it off like others have done. Due to the holidays, my search for a NYE outfit waited ‘till December 28th. I spent hours searching NYE outfits, party outfits, dresses, jumpsuits, you name it. I had to keep in mind that I wasn’t doing anything too big for NYE; so I didn’t want a super short dress or anything of the sorts. After hours of looking on Amazon, I narrowed it down to a couple of different outfits:

1. A long dress (which seemed a bit too extra for what I was planning).

$26.99 with 4/5 star reviews

2. A black v-neck body suit & silver midi length velvet skirt Top: $18.98 with 4.5/5 star reviews

Skirt: $15.99 4.5/5 star review

3. One shoulder bodysuit & Gold ankle length skirt

Top: $16.99 with 4/5 star reviews

Skirt: $20.99 with 4/5 star reviews

As girls do, I sent all these options to my awesome friend and editor, Sarah. Thanks Sarah for helping me narrow down my options. We both were leaning towards the last option. When you think of NYE, you definitely think of gold. Also the one shoulder trend is making a comeback. Fashion really is a cycle.

My total came out to be $37.98 which gave me just about $12 leftover to buy shoes, but wasn’t able to find a pair I liked with great reviews. After a lot of research, I decided against even ordering shoes. I planned on being barefoot in the house anyway. But for pictures, I did put on some nude tan, pointy toe heels that I got from Target for about $6.00. So I was still under my $50 budget.

So being the procrastinator I sometimes can be, I waited to order the outfit around 11PM on December 28th. I had to find a seller that did Prime shipping, because I needed it to arrive on the 31st. That part was a bit difficult; but thank God for Amazon having the same multiple sellers with the same options. I ordered and patiently waited for the 30th to roll around. When I discovered that the package was delayed, I was full on panicking and hoping it would magically arrive before our little party. Luckily, Amazon came through for me.

I opened the package and was very surprised that the bodysuit was a really nice thick material and that it was made really well. The skirt was also well-made on the outside. However, on the inner lining, you can see they cut a few corner in production. But, overall I think this is cute and comfy. The skirt is perfect to wear around the holidays.

In the end, the challenge was worth the time and effort. I love the clothes I bought and know for a fact that they will get some wear. Amazon might actually be my new go-to stop for some new fashion staples. I may even do this challenge again for something else.

Well I hope everyone has a more fashionable and an extremely Happy New Year!

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