Picture Not So Perfect

This week has been another crazy week. So instead of showing you some clothes and photos of me, I thought I would share another class assignment with you guys. This week we picked out an object from Richards Variety Store, which sells awesome little knick knacks, toys, kitchen supplies, etc. and my personal favorite it has a fantastic coffee table book selection. If you want to pick up a little gift for someone of any age, stop by the store and you’ll definitely find something. From Richards Variety Store I picked up this black tiara from the kids toys section. With our object of choice we had to come up with a concept for our photoshoot using it as the main subject. As the girly girl that I am, immediately knew that I wanted to go for something glam.

In a society where everything is about self image and putting your best most flattering self out into the world via social media, it has warped people's perception of being perfect. All these perfect Instagram feeds, designer objects, fancy vacations, posed pics, filters, etc. show people what we want them to see. Which I, along with almost all of you, am guilty of doing. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting our best self out there; it got me thinking about the things we don’t share with people. They don't see is our struggles, the internal battles, we face on an everyday bases: anxiety, depression, loneliness, our worries and fears, whatever it may be. No one but those closest to us know our real struggles.

That is where my concept of Picture Not So Perfect came from. On the outside everything is perfect: hair, makeup, looks, lifestyle, with no one the wiser about the internal struggles. I wanted to show the internal struggles in a subtle way, whether it be through the crooked tiara on the model’s head, the beautiful pills on her vanity, or the hidden softly noticeable scars on her wrist. This shoot took about 4-5 hours approximately including set-up, hair, makeup, and the shooting itself. The color palette was simple with lots of whites, pinks, and the stark contrast of the black tiara. A lot of the props are from the Dollar Tree (it’s a great inexpensive place to find some great props). It was a lot of fun to shoot and I personally love the way the photos came out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I’ll be back to my regular fashion posts in no time! But then something to remember: just do you. Don’t worry or compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different journey and is a different person. Also don’t be quick to judge someone based on their Instagram or any social media. You don’t know what it is like behind those photos. Also shout out to my best friend for being the best model ever!