Recreating Pinterest Outfits

If you’re anything like me, Pinterest is your go-to for ideas and inspiration. It has everything from recipes, inspirational quotes and the latest trends in fashion. I’m also an avid Youtube watcher. Lately there has been a trend going around of recreating famous people’s instagrams, and this got me thinking. I don’t follow a lot of celebs on instagram; but I’m always on Pinterest looking at new ways to wear the clothes I have and for outfit inspiration. So, I thought why not try and recreate some of these Pinterest looks.

Disclaimer: I tried my best to recreate with what I had available in my closet. #pinterest #pinterestlooks


I own a couple of olive button-downs and I do have one that is a better color match; but for some reason it has been lost in the messy abyss that I call my closet. Neutrals really go well together and that’s what drew me to this outfit on Pinterest. A lot of people are afraid to put black and brown together; but I love the brown belt with the black skater skirt. The bag was a nice pop of color to this outfit and while I’m not a large color person on a day-to-day basis, I did find my old red purse from my high school days for this look.


Button-down denim skirts have been around for the past few seasons in fashion. Pinterest is overloaded with outfit ideas for these skirts. I even own one. I got it on sale and it is slightly too big for me; but I wear it regardless. The outfit I was recreating is this casual look with an off-the-shoulder top and skirt. My skirt is a little different and I paired it with my KEDS. I also tried to find a bag similar to the one in the photo. I didn’t have time to run out to get a smoothie or make one, so I used my printed Vera Bradley tumbler.


Cycling shorts are back ya’ll. They were a big thing in the 80s and 90s. What they say is true that fashion does repeat itself. Celebrities and instagram models have been seen sporting them around for awhile now. Kim Kardashian has definitely put these in the fashion forefront. This outfit was surprisingly comfortable. I can see why everyone wears cycling shorts. I didn’t have a plain black crop top, so I took a tank top and made it work. While I do have a denim jacket, it wasn’t long enough for this look. So, I grabbed one my denim shirts to go over this outfit. I felt a little weird with this look, but mostly because my hair was parted in the middle and in a bun. Other than that, this outfit was soooooo comfy. Definitely gonna be wearing these cycling shorts to lounge around. Also anyone else notice how short I look compared to the model LOL #cyclingshorts #prettylittlething


Denim and denim makes me always think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic red carpet matching denim ensemble. But denim on denim is super in currently and honestly looks a lot more chic than I thought it would. I always seem to avoid this trend; but once I tried it on and was looking back at the pictures it was cute. Let’s ignore the fact that while recreating this image, my black sweater was in the wrong hand. Other than that, I think this was my best recreation.

Let me know what you guys think of these Pinterest recreations! Which one was your favorite? Do you guys go on Pinterest for outfit inspiration?

Also, let me know if I should pick a celebrity and try to recreate their outfits!

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