Southern Fall

It is FINALLY here. The best time of the year. FALL (yup, I'm completely biased since my birthday is also during this time of the year). So it hasn't really felt like fall too much here in the South. It's still pretty hot on some days. The mornings are starting to get a little cooler, but come around 3 o'clock it's back to feeling like summer never left. This poses a huge issue when getting dressed in the morning. Do you dress warm and start sweating by the afternoon? Or, dress light and breezy and be cold for a the whole morning portion of the day? Things can never be easy; can they?

My first fall outfit of the season is a complete mix of summer and fall. I've literally been dying to break out the boots and start wearing them. So for this look, I paired my black thigh high boots with some shorts and a plain olive t-shirt (olive is perfect for fall). You can also pair this with a black bomber jacket to keep you warm in the mornings or late night when it's cooler outside.

Take a look.