Styled By: Chandni

I feel like I have a very specific or distinct style. That's why I'm always looking for inspiration on new ways to wear clothes and experiment with different styles. So what better way to break out of your comfort zone than letting one of your friends style you? My friend Chandni took the initiative to help me with this blog and is the first on to style me. I asked her a few questions about her style; why she chose the outfits she did for me; and then my thoughts about it all. So read on!

How would you describe your personal style?

Chandni: Well I honestly don’t think I have one set style. My style changes each week; but one word to describe it is colorful! I absolutely love color; but of course I don’t want to look like a full rainbow.

Payal: I think I have a very trendy style. I like trying new things. I like to stick to neutral colors with some darker deeper colors in the mix, but not much. I like a cool, but wearable style. I do own a lot of black.

How would you describe each other's style?

Chandni: I would describe Payal’s style as a very edgy black look, hence the majority of her closet contains black or dark colors. She pairs her clothing with the most up-to-date fashionable styles.

Payal: I would describe Chandni's style as very classy/Kate Spade-y style. A lot of bright colors and classic silhouettes.

Now on to the OUTFITSSSS:

1. Black Romper & Denim Shirt

(This outfit came from Chandni's closet.)

Chandni: The first outfit was a simple black romper with a denim top. This is a personal favorite outfit of mine. It’s also a similar outfit that I feel Payal would pair for herself.

Payal: I agree with Chandni partially. While I did like this outfit, I would have changed a few things. I love the combo of black and a denim shirt. But, I personally love to tuck things in or tie the denim shirt in the front to give me more of a waist. Also, the romper was a little too short. I would have definitely paired this outfit with a choker or long necklace. For shoes, I would have worn Keds, Converses or some black chunky heels to pair with it for a more fashionable look.

2. Mustard Crop Top & Highwaisted Jeans

(This outfit came from my closet.)

Chandni: The second outfit I chose was a mustard colored crop top and high waisted jeans. I wanted to add in that pop of color, but still keep the outfit casual.

Payal: This one is probably my favorite outfit. I mean I do own the clothes, so I clearly had to like them to buy them. I do like yellows and mustardy yellows. The only thing about this outfit I would have changed is I don't like showing my shoulders that much (personal flaws). I would have thrown on a light cardigan or some sort of cover up for my shoulders and arms.

3. Coral Romper

(This outfit came from Chandnis closet.)

Chandni: The final outfit I chose was a peach colored romper. Payal doesn’t wear a lot of bright colors; so I wanted to get her out of her comfort zone.

Payal: Now this was FARRRRRR from my personal style. I don't really like super high necklines; and this color is not me. This outfit was okay though. I didn't super love it. I feel like it was okay. Not super flattering. Again I would have added something to cover my shoulders with or give it some edge, a long necklace, and I would have liked it better in a darker color maybe.

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