Wish it was Better or Not? Wish.com Review

So I did it. I gave into all those commercials of Wish.com and I placed my first order with them. While the ads not so great the fact that I see my fave Youtubers ordering things from Wish and reviewing them definitely peaked my interest. Check out my experience with #wishapp

If you don't know what Wish.com is, it is an online store/app where you can get clothes, jewelry, shoes, beauty products, random gadgets and nicknacks, you name it, that are super super cheap. The prices literally look too good to be true. So seeing things this cheap I had to try it out myself. I’ve seen plenty of you tubers review wish but I wanted to see for myself, what its like for an average everyday consumer. I also stuck with

#clothes for this #blog purpose and one sort of beauty item. Afterall I am a #fashionblogger.

So my first thoughts going on to wish.com it was a lot of stuff. Its a bit overwhelming. I decided to look through the clothes first. I saw a lot of stuff that looked really cute.

My strategy behind shopping was look at all the reviews. I believe if things had a lot of reviews and people had bought over 10,000 of that item then I would consider buying it.

I ended up buying one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, 2 pairs of sunglasses, a top, and just for fun this hair removal scrub (I really wanted to see if it would work or not). The thing with wish is they get when it comes to shipping. Everything has its own shipping rate. So if a shirt is $2 then the shipping would be $3 and then the whole thing retails for $5. Also sometimes there is this option where you can buy something with someone else (who is on the page looking at the same item) and get it for cheaper.

Each order I placed was a different order. It wasn’t one bog order. And things arrived one at a time. It also took about 4+ weeks to get my items. ALSO heads up the shipping is off, they say they track it but I just got products in the mail without every getting any tracking notifications.

The other thing about wish is that most of these are overseas sellers and manufacturers. So I definitely made sure to check every sizing chart and try and get the closest to my size in items.

Item Review

Black & Pink Sunglasses:

Black: $1.90

Pink: $2.00

These came the first out of all my wish items. The black ones arrived first and the pink ones a few days later. I was expecting the black ones to be much more reflective like the pink ones but I still like them. They seemed to be in nice condition, has a good amount of heft to them. They were a little wobbly around the nose but for $1.90 -$2 I didn’t expect Rayban quality. They are comfy and I like that even the pink ones have a black shade to them when you wear them. They are cute and for someone like me who goes through sunglasses really quickly I like them!



Size: M

These are super cute and high waisted. I didn't expect the belt to be attached to the shorts but it's something I can live with. The material is a little weird but they fit really well! I paired them with a tight crop top and some mules, I felt really sophisticated. They looked very much like the picture on wish. I wish they had pockets though.



Size: L

These are probably my favorite thing I bought. The material is a little too smooth and wrinkly but I love the way they look. They are also a high water style of pants. I rolled my cuffs up because thats how I personally prefer to wear them. The ruffles at the top can get a little wonky, just make sure you tie the belt nicely and its flat all around our waist. These are high waisted and have pockets. Thats an automatic plus in my book. The large size also fits perfectly. I am typically a Juniors 1-3 in pants or and s/m depending on brand and a women's size 2, or 28-29 in jeans. I think these look great on. Could they be better? Yes there is always room for improvement. Will I still wear them? All the time. I feel super chic in them.

Tie front shirt:


Size: M

This top was a bit of a disappointment. I love the whole front tie trend thats happening right now and I was looking forward to this shirt. The sleeves are cut really weird and are unflattering, the cropping of the shirt is not flattering. The material is too still for somthing that has to be ties and it billows in the back. On top of everything else it way to big on me. I followed the sizing chart but maybe it would have fit better in a small. I tried to still make this shirt work but it may need some altering before I can make it work. It was also the last thing to arrive so the photos are not nice and styled like the other outfits.

Hair remover sponge:


I knew this item was gonna be most likely a miss but I ordered it anyway to satisfy my curiosity. There are a ton of products out there for hair removal, making it easier, painless, blah blah blah. This seemed like too good to be true if it worked. When I got it I was excited and then I opened the package, and immediately knew it was a fail. It is a sponge with two colorful plastic pieces on it. No sort of exfoliating feel, or anything, just some smooth plastic that did nothing when I rubbed it on my arm.

Overall there was some hit, some misses, and one useless item. It was a fun experience though! Let me know if you want me to try out any other things from wish! I’m definitely want to check out their photography backdrops/accessories and maybe some hair and beauty things!

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