Yellow Color Trend 2018

Yellow. This color represents positivity, bravery, optimism, honor, and much more. These are just the positive representations for the color yellow. Shades of yellow can mean many different things. Colors subconsciously make you feel/think/act a certain way. Yellow also has different meanings in different cultures. Those of my friends who took color theory in school know what I mean. Your favorite color also says a lot about you. Yellow is also the most visible color, hence its usage in sidewalks and in warning signs.

If you want to read a little more about the color yellow take a look below.

Since Fall 2017, we have seen the color yellow pop up everywhere. Those cute mustard color sweaters and t-shirts are in every store. This color is here to stay. You will be seeing this yellow mustard shade particularly in a lot of spring and summer clothes.

This color looks great on everyone. It matches blue really well because it is the opposite on the color wheel from yellow. So, it pretty much goes with all shades of denim. It also looks great when worn with warm tones, such as orange and red. When it's worked in with some green, it feels very tropical. Don't be afraid to try different hues of these colors. And if the color is too much for you, you can always go with neutrals like brown/white/ and even black (though black can be slightly harsh and you don't wanna look like a bee, unless you do).

I absolutely love this color. I paired my Forever 21 yellow crop tee ($7.50) with some American Eagle highwaisted distressed jean shorts that I thrifted from the goodwill ($5.00). It was effortless, comfy and made me long for summer. My lipstick was a Love Bug from Colourpop, which is a nice pink/orange tone. You can pair these with slides, flats, or cute slip on shoes.

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